Sugba Lagoon


Serenity, Peace, & Beauty. The Crystal Clear Torqouise Waters are just a few qualities to mention of the so Popular Tourist Destination in Del Carmen. During Early Age, fisherfolks used to see the low clouds over the mountains that it looks like smokey mountains. That phenomenon from far, the Lagoon looks like someone is grilling over the mountains. In Surigaonon dialect, "Grilling means Sugba." Back then they started calling the lagoon "Sugba" and that's where the name "Sugba Lagoon" started it all. Highly Recommended to Visit!

Cloud 9 - Surfing Haven


The most visited spot in General Luna. You may take a 1 - Hour Surfing Lesson with a Professional Surfer as Instructor for P500 fee that includes the Equipment (Surf Board) right here. Or just enjoy watching people surfing over the big waves from the 3rd Level View Deck tower end of the Boardwalk. This is a good selfie spot too.

Magpupongko-Tidal Rock Pools


Come over at Low Tide and watch this Amazing Rock Pools come Alive. Rock/Cliff diving, Snorkiling, or just Chillaxing with Friends & Family. These are beautiful clear natural pools that developed over time. Share the news for the other tourists to come & to enjoy this natural beauty that Mother Earth has to offer. 

Sohoton Cove -Jelly Fish Sanctuary


Sohoton Cove in Bucas Grande Island of Siargao is another tourists paradise. Home of the stingless Jelly Fish where swimming with these friendly marine creature is so unique. Neighboring Islands & Islets with stunning rock formations & caves are a must see & visit.

Cawhagan Island & Pamomoan Island


Cawhagan & Pamomoan Islands are the two Beautiful Islands to see and to spend  a good all day in Del Carmen. Both are right next to each other just devided literally with a channel. Their sugary white sandy beach is a swimming & relaxing Paradise.

The Hub - Campingganon Fish Cage


I called Campingganon Fish Cage as THE HUB. It's centrally located and close by to all the beautiful islands & islets in the towns of Del Carmen & San Benito. It has the basic needed services (Water & Elecricity) that a tourist would need including Big Floating Cottages to pass over night comfortably. The Hub is in the middle of a Fishing Village and to call this a "Seafood Paradise" is just an understatement.

More to See in Siargao

Tri - Islands (Daku/Guyam/Naked)


These three islands are the popular island hopping destinations in Gen. Luna. Each island have white sugary beaches and perfect for swimming & snorkiling for the whole family and friends.

Tayangban Cave


A Fresh Water Pool inside the Cave located in Pilar, Siargao Island.

Bended Palm Tree on Maasin River


Enjoy a tedious climb up a bended Coconut Tree. Cling & swing on a rope & let go into a very refreshing water of the Maasin River in Pilar. This is a fun trip that will awaken the inner child with in you. 

Taktak Falls


One of the most visited Waterfalls in Siargao. The pool beneath it is a very refreshing dip in the middle of a hot summer day. Cliff jumping by the edge of this waterfall increases the adrinaline rush pumping to your veins until you drop into the waters. But the experience, it's priceless.

Seafood-Siargao's Typical Meal


Siargao, the seafood mecca, a tiny Island in the Pacific. Fishing is one of the means of livelyhood for Siargaonons. Everyday fresh catch of the day are on display for sale in every fish market through out the island. 

The Ultimate Playground


Siargao is one of the ultimate tourist destinations in the Philippines. Come & experience the sand, sun, fun, & joy with your love ones. Dust off the stresses of your life away. This is a place to set back, relax, have fun, away from the hustle & bustle of a city life.